Slow Sunday

It’s Sunday. I was supposed to be in London today with Miss 19. I got up at 7am, had a shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and cleared the kitchen while waiting for her to get up. I tipped my head into her room several times, telling her how many minutes until we would need to catch the train. She didn’t get up.

It’s now lunchtime, and she has still not appeared.

I think sometimes the world just gets a bit too big for her, and the best course of action is to let her process it in her own way – in her own time. I could have got annoyed this morning – I was looking forward to walking through Hyde Park in the morning sunshine with her – but I chose not to. I went grocery shopping, and bought dinner for everybody instead – the rest of the family will arrive home this evening.

The washing machine is rumbling away in the background, and Spotify is playing a random classical music playlist. Most of the house is surprisingly tidy – it’s funny how that happens when I’m home alone. I’m sitting in the junk room, typing this into the desktop PC.

Lunch will be a bagel filled with ham and coleslaw. We are out of coffee – I may wander over to the corner shop later and buy a jar. I drink too much coffee anyway – perhaps red-bush tea would do me some good for a while.

It’s odd – having nowhere to go, and nothing in particular to do. That wasn’t the story on Friday – one of our cats brought fleas back into the house last week. I ordered all manner of insecticide and treated every room while everybody was out on Friday (I worked from home). I also bought tablets for the cats, and sneaked them into their food – they thought all their christmases had come at one when I opened a tin of tuna. Little did they know the tuna was drugged. We have seen no fleas since.

A few minutes ago I looked out at the back garden, and saw Kaspar – our little black rescue cat – laying in the grass, enjoying the sunshine. It feels like it hasn’t been sunny for months. His head keeps bobbing up to lick a paw and then he rubs his face.

Perhaps it’s time to go make that bagel.

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