Rain, Rain, and more Rain

It’s raining again. It’s been raining pretty consistently since just after lunchtime yesterday, and isn’t showing much sign of stopping. Quite apart from the river flooding the entire town, MY NEW BIKE IS GETTING WET!

In other news, my new phone arrived yesterday. Instead of carrying around a hulking slab of glass and silicon for the next few months, I’ve gone back to a simple feature phone – an Alcatel 2038X. It makes calls, it does text messages, and it lasts about a week on a charge. If I need to do anything clever, I’ll use my work phone (and yes, I know – I’ve therefore gone from carrying one phone around to carrying two). I guess the point is that I don’t HAVE to carry the smart phone, and people can still get hold of me.

Oh yes – almost forgot – I re-arranged my online presence a little at lunchtime – moving the blog to “blog.jonbeckett.com”, and setting up a pretty minimal selection of pages at “jonbeckett.com”. Not everybody WANTS to read the personal blog when they visit my homepage – usually they are looking for how to get hold of me, not read about my latest commuting tempter tantrum, or internet rabbit hole discovery.

Anyway. I need to stop writing, finish my coffee break, and head off home soon. I need to finish early today – I replaced the tap in the back garden yesterday, and it’s dripping. After a quick look online, apparently some PTFE tape is required (otherwise known as the white tape plumbers use to seal joints). I imagine the kids will love me when I turn the water off to re-attach the tap.

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