Mostly Offline

After attending a charity fundraiser last night and drinking more wine that I perhaps should have, I’ve spent most of the day either asleep, or offline. I think sometimes I need to step away from everything – it’s not that everything gets on top of me – more that I begin to lose myself. It’s difficult to describe.

I woke with a start at 9 this morning as my other half left to take our middle daughter to watch the England ladies rugby match at Twickenham, and then fell back asleep. I woke again an hour later with a certain fourteen year old looking down at me, asking if I could help her setup Fortnite on the PC downstairs. I slid out of bed, stumbled down to find her, and a few minutes later she was charging around the virtual world in search of treasure chests and potions.

I holed myself up in the lounge with the first of several cups of tea, and found a rather wonderful movie to watch – “The Aeronauts” – about the emergence of the science of meteorology, and the risks taken journeying into the unknown with hot air balloons in the early days. Unfortunately, as often seems to happen with movies these days, the story has been twisted spectacularly – inventing a female character where there was none. Still – the movie is interesting, and shines a light on the sceintific community of the 1860s – which was still largely fearful of challenging accepted wisdom, even if that wisdom came from a nearly two thousand year old collection of religious texts.

Anyway. I think another cup of tea might be in order, and then bed.

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