While the younger children ran off across the county to take part in rugby training sessions this morning, I waited for our eldest daughter to get up, before heading into town with her for lunch, and to pick up a few things. The real reason was just to get her out of the house for a bit.

Let’s gloss over the two hours I spent waiting for her to get up and get ready. I get it. I was a teenager once too. I remember getting up at lunchtime, and wondering why my parents were so mad at me all the time. I also realise I’ve turned into my Dad – getting up at 7am like clockwork, and complaining that the kids are wasting the day if we don’t get up and out as early as possible.

We did have fun in the end – even though I spent most of the day biting my tongue. I bought her a Manga book, got my other half a Moomins notebook (she grew up obsessed by the Moomins), and picked up some old Singstar games from the second-hand game shop for the younger girls. We also picked up “Simpsons Hit and Run” – a game the kids used to be obsessed with years ago – they have all been crowded around the TV taking turns to play it all evening.

It’s funny really – we had a Playstation 2 back in the day, and after selling it perhaps 10 years ago, I bought another recently – from a second hand store. It’s ended up being our most used games machine – with titles such as “Ratchet and Clank”, and “Jak and Daxter” making a return to the TV in the lounge. I’ll admit to buying a copy of “Vice City” today too – for less than the price of a bar of chocolate.

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