Bigging Up Telegram

It was only while standing in the shower this morning that I realised I had completely missed posting to the blog yesterday. A small voice in the OCD part of my brain really lost it’s shit about that.

So. It’s the weekend. Given that most of the world is entering lock-down at the moment, everything seems remarkably quiet. It could have something to do with me getting most of the washing done throughout the week – so the usual washing machine apocalypse isn’t happening – or hasn’t happened yet. My younger daughters seem happy to live in what can only be described as “abject squalor” in their rooms – despite the various threats we have leveled at them regarding the removal of WiFi. Of course as soon as WiFi does get removed, their entire world will fall around them amid much shouting, wailing, and claims that we are the “worst parents ever”. We’re ready for it – we’ve been here before.


I actually have something to blather on about today. A messaging app that I’m sure lots of people have heard about over the past three or four years, but may not be actively using. It’s called “Telegram”, and you really take a look at it if you have not done so already.

I think perhaps the main reason to use Telegram is because it’s not Facebook Messenger, and it’s not WhatsApp – so they can’t touch your friends, or conversations. It also has best-in-class peer-to-peer encryption, and get this – you can force a deleted conversation to be deleted from the other person’s phone too. What’s not to like about that ?

Strictly speaking, there is an even more well regarded messaging app, called “Signal”, but if people find out you’re using Signal, they tend to suspect you’re up to something – because it’s SO well regarded in the security community, it invariably means you have something to hide. Urgh…


What am I going to fill my day with, given that the world is on lock-down and we’re trying to keep ourselves to ourselves? I’m thinking Netflix, books, board games, and video games are going to dominate the next couple of months – let alone the next day or two.

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