A Walk in the Woods

Despite the rain that fell all day, I took Miss 19 out for a walk in the woods this morning – or perhaps more accurately, a walk through the fields to a nearby hamlet where a small pub serves lunches.

The trip had more to do with getting her out of the house, and facing the world for a little while than going out for lunch. We pulled on thick socks, walking boots, and waterproofs, and made light of the persistent rain as we wandered away from town.

The anxiety she suffers from has returned with a vengeance recently. While some might have thought it dangerous in the current climate to mix with strangers, the reality was that we saw nobody on the walk, and were the first in the pub. By the time we had eaten and settled the bill, there were perhaps six other people sitting at tables around the place. Six was enough for Miss 19 to start becoming nervous.

“You want to go, don’t you.”


We wandered home through the now heavier rain, and called the rest of the family to see how they were doing. They were at a rugby tournament a few miles away – half the teams hadn’t turned up. I imagine all youth sports will be shut down before long.

Life goes on. For Miss 19 life is often a little more of a struggle than for the rest of us, and we do our best to encourage her – to push her boundaries – to take first steps.

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