And So It Starts

After provisioning a number of bits and pieces in “the cloud” this morning for some upcoming pre-sales demos, I noticed a notification about the first “daily update” from the Prime Minister, and thought I better stop to watch the first few minutes.

Over the next ten minutes, in the sort of excruciating detail usually reserved for legal letters, the plans for the weeks ahead were laid out. There would be no more choice about working from home – if we can work from home, we should. We can, and we are. Shortly after listening I met one of the directors on the stairs, who was about to tell us what we already knew.

“My laptop is already in my bag.”

No more conversation was really necessary. I’m guessing there will be some sort of rapid organisation of morning meetings – mostly to make people feel happier about sitting on their own all day, every day, for the next eight or ten weeks – or however long it takes. I quite like working on my own, but I also understand that I’m probably in the minority with that.

So it begins – the “working from home” thing that we all knew was coming. My eldest daughter is already horrified – my being at home means I will tidy up and load the washing machine during coffee breaks.

In other news, more retro video games arrived in the post this evening. We now have nearly all of the “Singstar” games – and the younger girls have already tried them out. When I ordered them I thought “that will keep them occupied for a while” – I didn’t factor on the endless drone of teenage girls mumbling the lyrics to songs they only know the chorus for.

Anyway. Enough. I’m going to go pour myself a glass of wine, and figure out what I haven’t watched on Netflix (essentially the whole of Netflix).

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