Lock Down

The government is finally losing patience with the people – and by “the people”, I absolutely mean the privileged, ignorant, and thoughtless. As of today in the UK all the bars, restaurants, cafes, and so on are being asked to shut. That hasn’t stopped idiotic gangs of teenagers from roaming the streets together, flying in the face of advice and instruction.

I walked into town mid-morning on my own to see if I might find some basic groceries – fruit and vegetables to get us through the next few days. I found a supermarket struggling to re-stock, and wandered the aisles in disbelief.

I’ve always known I lived in a wealthy part of the world, but today really brought it into focus. All of the wine had gone. All of it. And all of the ready meals. Luckily, if you are prepared to actually – you know – COOK anything – then there was plenty to be found. I came home with potatoes, peppers, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, chicken – a huge bag stuffed with the basics that will last us for a little while.

I’ve also come to the realisation that the wealthy idiots don’t bother leaving the supermarket – unbeknown to them (or due to lack of effort), all of the independent shops in side-streets are fully stocked. I made a second journey out – to our local corner shops, and discovered their shelves brimming with everything you might need. I’ve heard second hand that the same is true of other small shops in the area.

To be honest, while the world is locked down over the next few months, I’m thinking we will use the smaller shops in preference. Yes, it might cost a little bit more than the supermarket, but it’s going to keep them afloat.

Tomorrow I need to sneak out and get a birthday present for my other half. Given the idiocy going on, I’m thinking a book, some chocolates, and something nice to drink might be just the thing – bought from the independent book shop, the old-fashioned sweet shop, and the corner shop. Two miles on-foot. What the hell – I haven’t been out all week anyway.

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