Birthdays and LEGO Kits

It was both Mother’s Day, and my other half’s birthday today. After a panicked walk into town yesterday morning, I managed to buy a LEGO kit. This might sound like a terrible idea for a present, but my other half loves building LEGO kits – in recent years she has built the Millenium Falcon, and Poe Dameron’s X-Wing. I managed to get her the cafe from the TV show “Friends” – she’s been posting photos to Facebook of the kit under construction all evening. She was a HUGE Friends fan back in the day.

I will admit to gazing longingly at the LEGO Apollo 11 kit, but could never warrant spending the money on it. I think it’s perhaps the best kit LEGO have ever released though.

This morning we spent about six hours in the garden together, cutting the jungle back somewhat. We had not touched the garden since the end of last summer, and it showed. It didn’t help that the house that backs onto us had built an extension in the winter – we discovered several trees from their back garden thrown over the face into our garden. Without a chainsaw we have no way of removing them (and if you’re wondering – our garden is huge – which is why we didn’t see them until recently).

The garden is starting to look half-way decent again though – you know – just in time for builders to arrive the week after next to do the windows. Fingers crossed that will all go smoothly.

My fingers are tingling this evening – the result of being stung countless times by stinging nettles while clearing the garden. I spent most of my time cutting the grass – which sounds straightforward until I tell you we only have a push-along lawnmower. I tried to tell myself it was good for me as my arms and legs turned to rubber.

After finishing in the garden the LEGO project started in earnest, and our middle daughter stepped up to make dinner for everybody. She made a wonderful sausage casserole for everybody, served with penne pasta. I helped with washing up while she cooked.

This evening the kids have retreated to their rooms – I handed out chocolate bars. It’s amazing how a few chocolate bars can bring peace to the house.

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