Board Game City

A remarkably quiet day in the Beckett household. I was joined in the junk room by my other half, while the children sat at the dining table and got on with school work via the internet.

I will admit to becoming curious mid-morning at just how quiet the house had become, so set off to investigate. I discovered our girls sitting on the patio in the sunshine with various craft kits they got for Christmas. I’m guessing this was the “creative” part of their improvised timetable.

Discovery of the day has to be Audible Stories. Search for it – they have created an audiobook website with no fees and no strings attached. Of course they would say that – in six months time – when the world has hopefully righted itself somewhat, I imagine people will be invited to subscribe… For the moment though – it’s very good.

For the record, I still prefer paper books.

While writing this I’m half watching the rest of the family play monopoly. I have NEVER seen monopoly end well. I still have memories of playing it with my family when I was young – and my Nan – my Dad’s Mum – being the banker, and cheating hilariously.

The only time I’ve ever seen a game end more explosively than monopoly was a game of Pictionary with relatives many years ago. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grown adult react so spectacularly to losing either before or since.

We won’t talk about the time my other half destroyed me at Scrabble, and I denounced it as “a rubbish game anyway”.

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