Missed Vocations

I conducted something of an experiment today. While quietly getting on with work in the junk room, I left the children to their own devices – they know they have school work to get on with, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Yeah, right.

After realising I hadn’t seen our middle daughter for some time, I shouted up the stairs. Apparently she was “having a rest”. I asked if any work had been done this morning, and got an angry torrent back – claiming that just about every subject on the curriculum had been done. I didn’t check, but then wondered why she was sitting at the dining table this afternoon, furiously filling pages with writing. I also wonder if she realises we could look at her YouTube history ?

To be honest, the kids have been brilliant so far. They haven’t complained about not going out, and (for the most part) they have done school work during school hours. Our youngest may have tried to bend the rules a little this morning – fitting in every creative and/or exercise based activity possible, rather than pick up a book or open her laptop – but she seems to have turned things around this afternoon.

Miss 19 has missed her vocation. She has a calming influence on her sisters – letting them blow themselves out when angry or frustrated, and then quietly suggesting a way forward. I wonder if she realises quite how good she is at it ?

I think my vocation might have involved washing clothes – or perhaps answering the door. One of the huge benefits of working from home is being here to receive parcels, rather than discover them some days later in a recycling bin at the side of the house. With most of us being here, each delivery has turned into a race to see who might reach the door first. It’s very exciting.

In other news, a bank we no longer have an account with has been in touch today – informing us that we can take a three month repayment holiday on our non-existent credit cards if we need to. I wonder if they only send that email out to people that don’t need it ?

My better half returned to work today. She hardly slept last night – worrying about it – and then felt awful about raising her concerns, because I imagine it only added to the stress going on among her colleagues at the moment (she works in an infant school, who are remaining open for key worker’s children). We put our heads together last night, and had plans in place for her return – a bucket of disinfectant for her shoes, the washing machine hanging open in preparation for her clothes, and the shower ready-to-go. Fingers crossed.

I suppose in some ways being bottled up in the house for so long, and only accessing the outside world through the media causes it’s own circle of stress.

Anyway. It’s the weekend. Time to drink a glass of something nice, watch something a bit rubbish, and catch up with friends and family through the wonders of the internet.

p.s. I released a new postcast last night – talking to an old friend in San Fransciso about her unintentionally notorious dating blog. It’s worth a listen – you can find it at anchor.fm/jonbeckett.

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