Logical Fallacies

I’ve buggered up posting every day this week, haven’t I. Technically it’s already Friday 3rd April, but until I fall asleep I’m going to count this still as Thursday. Friday doesn’t start until I we get up in the morning – everybody understands that, right?

Ridiculous logical fallacies remind me of the arguments I used to have with my Dad – about whether centrifugal force exists, and whether the moon spins or not. If you’ve not thought about those claims before, pause for a moment, re-read them, and then get ready to start arguing with everybody around you about them.

I once caused a physics student to almost spontaneously combust in anger, after explaining that if you could run from point A to point B in 1 second, if you went fast enough, you could get there in no time at all – and if you went even faster, you could get there before you left. He became more and more enraged as I answered his rebuttals with “yes, but what if you went a bit faster than that?”.

Anyway. Time for bed. There’s more news to avoid in the morning.

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