Nowhere Man

For the first four months of the year I continued writing almost daily blog posts, but I didn’t post them anywhere they might typically be found. I had grown wary of the temptation to chase statistics – to “play the game” – and worried that doing so would impact the words I was sharing. I created a somewhat reclusive platform for myself, and stayed the hell away from almost everybody.

Until today.

Given events unfolding around the world, and repeated conversations with fellow bloggers, it seems like the right time to make myself discoverable once more – to reach out – to become a part of something greater than myself. This afternoon I back-populated both WordPress and Tumblr with recent posts. I never really left – I just stopped posting.

I imagine one or two people will grin, shake their head, and roll their eyes. They would have predicted my return at the moment I walked away. It’s been an interesting exercise though – removing myself from the never-ending global stream of consciousness for a few months has given some much needed perspective. I think sometimes you need to walk away in order realise what’s most important.

I used to think that the words – the stories – were the important thing – and that people invariably become a distraction. I thought the temptation to “fit in” would eventually begin to dictate the thoughts and ideas I shared, no matter how hard I tried.

I still don’t know if I’m right, or wrong.

The great writers didn’t have instant feedback. This isn’t great writing though – this is a stream of consciousness – a record of thoughts, ideas, and opinions about both the biggest and smallest of concerns. Writing this stream in seclusion makes me no better than a lunatic – walking alone, talking to nobody in particular.

The song “Nowhere Man” by the Beatles comes to mind. Maybe it’s time for me to listen, and to know what I’m missing. I very much doubt the world is at my command though.

4 thoughts on “Nowhere Man

  1. Good to see you back! I wondered where you’d got to. I think the beautiful thing about blogging is it can be whatever we want it to be. For some people it’s a business, others a community and some (like myself) a playground and diary. I once cared about statistics, and when they jumped up I stopped posting. It wasn’t the point of it for me and, like you said, I was worried it would shape my posts and I wouldn’t write freely any more but instead to an audience. I hope you find what you are looking for, but the quest can be just as fun! I think you naturally process your days through writing, and that’s no small thing. Hope you’re doing well!

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  2. Well when you’re walking alone just talk to yourself and then you’re talking to someone in particular. It’s what I do. 🤷 (You could also talk to the critters. You only have to be concerned if they start talking back.)

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