It’s starting to get interesting – this whole self isolation lark. While I seem to have taken to it like a duck to water, that can’t be said for everybody. I read a news story this morning that an elderly man had murdered his wife, after being shut in the house with her for the last three weeks. I know it shouldn’t be funny, but I couldn’t help grinning – and then felt awful about finding it funny.

I haven’t left the house for some days. The last adventure was to the supermarket with my other half – a grocery gathering mission. Apparently the rules have tightened since – with only one adult household member being allowed to go shopping now. I’m guessing that means I won’t be allowed to go – because I’ll come back with all manner of things we didn’t really need. I would of course argue that chocolate spread, cookies, and wine are essentials.

The children haven’t left the confines of the house and garden for weeks. They seem happy enough – talking to friends through the wonders of the internet, playing games in the garden, and doing schoolwork set by their respective teachers.

I suspect if the internet router dies, there will be a riot.

My other half continues to work at the infant school, although on a vastly reduced schedule. On the days she visits the school, she returns home, drops her shoes into a bucket of disinfectant, and strips into the washing machine before getting in the shower. Thankfully she is working from home for the rest of this week – building out the new school website.

The new bicycle I bought for the commute to work sits in the shed – probably wondering what it did wrong. Was it something it said? Something it did? While not riding it I have been doing no fitness related activities at all. I daren’t get on the scales. I can’t imagine cutting my hair off last week will have made more than a few grams difference. The chocolate spread on toast and bacon sandwiches probably have.

We’re out of bacon now.

8 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. OMG there are things you discover about family members during isolation that’s not a good thing to find out. Like, for instance, some people need to be banned to the other side of the house while eating an apple as the chewing sound is so horrendously loud. Or…they don’t appear to know how to ladle soup and that in itself will result in all sorts of drama…


    (not really).

    Hang in there. 😛

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