The World Keeps Turning – Probably

Why the “probably” in the title? Because I haven’t stepped outside today. I’m pretty sure the world is still out there, getting on with what it does. I wouldn’t know. The closest I got was standing in the doorway at the back of the house late this afternoon, while waiting for the kettle to boil, watching our younger daughters play rugby tennis.

Rugby tennis is an idiotic game played over a net – where the players alternately kick the ball and try to catch it. If the ball touches the floor, the opponent wins a point. Simple. Except within minutes of assembling a net yesterday, the girls started arguing over what counted as “in”, or “out”. I found a can of yellow spray paint, marched into the garden, and sprayed two yellow lines across the grass. So now we have a garden that looks… I’m not really sure what it looks like.

I spent almost all day today either talking to co-workers about what to write in a document, or writing the document we talked for so long about. Fun. After work tomorrow the entire company are assembling on Microsoft Teams for a “social”. A “pub quiz” of sorts. I’m not sure the only bottle of wine we have left in the house will last very long.

Quite worryingly my other half is looking forward to the quiz quite a lot. She loves a good quiz. The last time we went to a fundraiser quiz at the school, I think the best description of my involvement was probably “luggage”. I sat at the end of the table throughout, getting slowly more hammered with the lovely lady that lives across the way. I don’t think she ended up anywhere near as drunk as me. Disappointing really.


I have lots of nothing to be getting on with before tomorrow arrives. Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “The World Keeps Turning – Probably

  1. Have you tried the app House Party? My wife downloaded it on Friday and we talked to two other couples we know and have not seen for sometime. It was very good but then she has heard it may have issues around the reason why so many people have been scammed so she deleted it again. The concept is good but similar to other apps out there.

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    1. I think a few of us may end up using Zoom in the neighbourhood. This evening my co-workers tried to do a pub quiz using Microsoft Teams, and it was terrible – Zoom is MUCH better at large numbers of people.

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  2. I usually go out of the house once a day to walk in the park, but it’s raining today so I’ve not been out either. Wine won’t be lasting in the house this evening. 🙂

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