The Early Hours of the Morning

It’s just gone 1am in the morning. I’m sitting in the junk room, and was about to go to bed, but then thought “I haven’t posted to the blog yet!”, so here are some words.

The company I work for attempted to stage a pub quiz on the internet this evening – using Microsoft Teams (we use it to communicate in the office – it’s rapidly taking the place of email and meetings). I’m almost sorry to say this, but Microsoft Teams is nowhere near as good as Zoom at group chats. It turns out there are good reasons why Zoom has taken the world by storm. I say “almost sorry”, but I’m not really – because we’re talking about Microsoft. Oops. Did my anarchist open-source undergarments show there for a moment?

A little later in the evening – bitten by the quiz bug – I offered to play a game of Trivial Pursuit with my other half. More by luck than judgement I raced into the lead – winning five of the requisite “cheesey bits” in short order (what DO you call the bits that go in the Trivial Pursuit counters?). Unfortunately my other half then wandered into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and a hot-cross-bun for herself – which appeared to turn the entire tide of the game.

She went from trailing by four “cheesey bits” to almost winning in the space of twenty minutes – answering question after question correctly. In the end the effect wore off, and I stumbled over the finish line first. I honestly think it might be the first time I have beaten her in about 10 years.

I went a bit mad and had a celebratory cup of tea.

6 thoughts on “The Early Hours of the Morning

  1. My sister refuses to play trivia games with me. She says that I am the ‘Queen of Useless Information’. Rock on with your useless information😁
    And I always thought of the cheesy bits as pie pieces🤔


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