Falling Off the World

Two factors have contributed to my recent disappearance from the internet at large. The first was the rather foolish decision to celebrate the bank holiday weekend by buying a new game for myself and my eldest daughter to play – an endlessly deep, absorbing game called “No Man’s Sky”.

The second factor – this evening at least – was the sudden realisation late in the evening that I had not recorded a podcast this week.

If you were not aware, I’ve been recording a regular podcast for the last several months, talking to bloggers all over the world about their blogging journey – how they got started, what they write about – that kind of thing. It’s really just a relaxed conversation for anwhere from half an hour to an hour, where they get to tell their story.

So yes. Tonight I figured out that it takes about two hours from end-to-end. I called up a friend via voice-chat on Facebook, and we started recording straight away.

Note to self – don’t use Facebook voice chat again – it blew up on us twice – “cylon-ing” (where the latency or whatever starts to make everybody sound like robots).

Anyway. I need to get some sleep. I promise to write a half-decent blog post tomorrow – a catch up on daily life, if you will.

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