I suppose there’s quite a bit to unpack today – quite apart from it being “Easter Sunday”. As an aside, if you were wondering why I have referenced “Easter Sunday” with quote marks, it might have something to do with my lack of belief or faith in anything to do with it. It’s a good excuse to buy chocolate though, so it’s good in my book.

I was up fairly early this morning, and got through several coffees and a round of chocolate spread on toast before my other half arrived downstairs. The kids were of course up at the crack of dawn. I got out of the shower, wandered into the lounge, and discovered them all. Even Miss 19 was up and dressed.

“We’ve been waiting for you!”

Miss 16 was sitting in a nightie, holding a bag full of Easter Eggs. A selection of eggs were also standing on the dining room table with hand-written labels attached to each box. It turns out the Easter Bunny’s handwriting is remarkably similar to my other half’s handwriting.

Easter is remarkably calm when the kids have grown up. I still remember then running around the house doing Easter Egg hunts when they were little – excitedly gathering all manner of penny sweets into buckets, sharing them out afterwards, and then spending the rest of the day gorging on them while watching truly awful movies on TV. This year it was all over in a few minutes – Miss 16 handed out her eggs (her sisters didn’t get any for anybody), and I handed out the eggs from the table.

So what else has been going on?

I was banned from the computer yesterday. Apparently I have been spending far too much time in front of the computer, so was banned from it all for the day and instructed to spend time with the kids. We ended up having a picnic outside, which really translated to half an hour sitting on a blanket, and then an hour washing up. It’s funny how that happens.

Yesterday evening I hired out the movie “Lemans 66” – the story about Ford going after Ferrari at Lemans during the mid 1960s. The movie was great, but is incredibly selective with the story it chooses to tell – erasing or revising huge swathes of history along the way. It was still good though – with Matt Damon and Christian Bale towering over the rest of the cast.

This morning, I’ve been tinkering.

I’ve more or less come up with a half-decent way forward with this whole blogging thing – at least until I think of a better way. You see – I’ve kind of dug an enormous hole for myself in the last however-many years – I’ve ended up with friends at most of the major blogging platforms. The problem with that is most people don’t venture outside of the platform they are on – so unless you visit each platform, you lose touch with lots of people – and I kind of hate that. The only sensible solution is for me to be everywhere. It will require a little bit of work from me – cross-posting entries – but in reality it only takes a minute or two for each post.

13 thoughts on “Everywhere

  1. Cross-posting is a good idea. I don’t know why but I’m very slow about adopting online platforms and usually don’t have more than a couple of social media platforms active at once. For a while it was just Facebook, then I added in WordPress last year.

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      1. Absolutely right! I -love- No Man’s Sky! It played a huge part in lifting my depression long enough for me to get help and start turning my life around. I’m not playing right now but I still follow the subreddit just to see the pretty screen shots people post!

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  2. I’ve never really done the Easter Egg Hunt thing. It’s always just been about giving chocolate and spending time with family, so your Easter sounds like my perfect Easter!
    I think my partner is getting close to banning me from the computer… it’s rather difficult to stay away from that distraction when we are all inside all the time.

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  3. The internet gods sent a strong message to our house for Easter Sunday. The internet light on the Wifi Modem blinked red and we had no internet all day!.
    Somehow we managed although some of us resorted to using a hotspot.
    One of the benefits of having many people co-habiting on one property means that you can still have a reasonable family gathering, even in the middle of lockdown! Go us.

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      1. Actually it wasn’t the end of the world. I sewed, which is fun. Family entertainment for the evening was Mario Kart. I found I don’t completely suck like I thought I would.


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