Miss Fifteen

Today Miss Fourteen became Miss Fifteen. After wandering downstairs at about half past seven this morning, I found the younger children sitting on the couch, waiting for my arrival. After cups of tea had been made, and my other half arrived, presents and cards were opened, and we all settled into the day.

Plans had been made some days ago to have a “posh” tea party, given that we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. This roughly translated into everybody makes things, and I wash up – again, and again, and again. Afternoon tea was fun though – with sandwiches, cakes, and various teas spread across the table.

This evening I hired out the new Trolls movie, and we sat as a family and watched it together. Well – I say “we” – all of us except Miss 16, who generally makes it five minutes into any movie before retreating to her room to watch and endless stream of YouTube videos. I really can’t remember the last time she sat through anything.

I do wonder about the current YouTube watching generation – their attention span appears to be shot to pieces. They don’t read books, and they don’t watch movies – they just watch hours of self-recorded videos of self-obsessed idiots showing off like spoiled children – apparently “famous” for behaving in such a way.

Maybe I’m just getting old. Maybe the world is changing.

Thankfully the newly crowned Miss Fifteen is made from a very different cloth than her sister – a cloth I can at least identify with.

p.s. the new Trolls movie was very good, but perhaps not as good as the first. I did laugh out loud a number of times at easter-egg jokes that flew straight over the kids heads.

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