After Miss 19 asked if I would be using the study/junk room to work in this week, I ran around the house like a madman this morning, making way to use the living room as temporary office. It didn’t help that the kitchen, lounge, and hallway were trashed, but I somehow managed to clear everything before collapsing at the table and switching on my webcam in time for the daily company-wide catch-up session.

I’m wearing a shirt today. I’ve decided to actually put some effort in while working from home – to make it feel more like I’m at work – if that makes any sense. I always have a shower and brush my teeth when I get up, but I’ve been sitting in the study on work days in t-shirts and cargo pants. Granted, that’s what I usually wear to work, but I don’t know – if I do nothing different at all on work days, every day feels like the last. The only reason I usually put a shirt on is if I’m going on-site, or if a client is visiting the office.

I do wonder how many businesses will change the way they work after this self-isolation adventure – how many will realise they don’t need an office, and they don’t need to travel for meetings. I remember back when I used to do freelance web development work, I hardly ever met the client – they just sent me a brief, we might have a chat about it, and then I would just get on with it.

The youger girls arrived in the lounge late this morning – I asked if they might tidy their rooms up today – to cheer their Mum up when she returns later (she’s at work). They’re getting on with something upstairs – I’m not entirely sure what they are getting on with. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and hope they are not just jamming everything into the back of their wardrobes.

You’re probably wondering why I have titled today’s post “Surrounded” – that will be because I am surrounded with bunting and inflatable messages from my youngest daughter’s birthday yesterday. I still can’t believe she’s 15.

5 thoughts on “Surrounded

  1. There is a lot of talk about companies realising working from home is great. Personally I think people will be so glad to get out of the house the won’t WANT to keep working from home.


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