One Step at a Time

I stayed up late last night and watched TV with my eldest daughter – we watched several episodes in a row of “Friday Night Dinner”, drank tea, and ate chocolate. In a way it was a “life hack” – my way of lifting her out of the funk she had been in throughout the day. Quite how I then managed to get up this morning is something of a mystery. I did though – I always do. Of course I have no commute to speak of at the moment.

Where a normal morning finds me rushing through a shower, a shave, and then making a packed lunch at several hundred miles an hour, recent weeks have been… different. My commute is about five steps from the bathroom to the study (or junk room). In the office, coffee is two floors away – at home, it’s ten steps away.

I will admit to having a bit of a panic this morning – we had a Zoom meeting scheduled with a client, and the junk room isn’t exactly photogenic. I managed to re-arrange the desk to avoid the worst of the mess behind me, and the meeting was fine – but I couldn’t help gazing with some jealousy at the spartan, tidy rooms behind the others on the call. Yes, I know they probably have trashed rooms just out of camera shot, but it doesn’t make me feel much better – there is no good angle in any room of our house. As I’ve written before – we live in a pretty good re-creation of “The Burrow” from the Harry Potter books – with clutter, brick-a-brack, and books stacked up everywhere.

This afternoon my eldest daughter joined me, and continued on her path to learning HTML and CSS. Her eventual aim is to apply to be a “Happiness Engineer” at Automattic, so we looked at the skills list, and she’s been taking her first steps. She’s building a “Homepage”, in much the same way that so many did in the late 1990s. Of course the huge advantage she has (other than a colossal book being delivered next weekend), is a Dad that has worked as a web developer for the last 25 years – I’m no teacher though, so I’m continually having to debate with myself about what I tell or show her. Hopefully the book will help.

I’m having to resist the temptation to show her my homepage – because I’ll suddenly have to explain about Github, Markdown, and Jekyll. It’s a bit of a nightmare really – kind of like saying to somebody that’s learning French that in order to talk to the newspaper seller that they have to learn German too – and to read the newspaper, they then need to learn Spanish. At least if she DOES carry on down the WordPress road, it restricts the things she’ll need to learn – HTML, CSS, some Javascript, and a little PHP. I’m guessing installing her own WordPress server won’t hurt either – that won’t be for some time yet though.

One step at a time.

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