Behold, the Podcast

In mid January this year I started recording a podcast – a podcast talking to bloggers around the internet about their blogs. This morning I started to take the lid off the podcast, and include a bit more about it in the blog.

What does this mean? It means that in-among the posts about running out of breakfast cereals, filling the washing machine, and not reading the awaiting mountain of books behind me, I’ll be posting about the podcast episodes as they are released. There are sixteen of them so far. Apparently if a podcast makes it past ten episodes, it’s doing better than 90% of podcasts out there. Go me! I’m not sure if making it past ten episodes means it’s sails are set for a great and wonderful future, or if I just haven’t got the hint yet about it’s lack of popularity.

(insert Gollum leaning into the shot, and whispering “Nobody listens to it!”)

For those that had no clue, here’s a list of the episodes so far, along with the countries each guest hails from:

As I publish each episode going forwards, I will post about it to the blog – so don’t be surprised to see two posts from me on a given Friday (or over the weekend if life lands on me like a proverbial grand-piano).

Finally, if you’ve not been on the podcast yet, what are you waiting for ? Give me a shout, and we can arrange something. Please don’t be nervous or scared – I’m in charge of that. No, honestly – it’s just a relaxed chat over a cup of tea – and I edit afterwards to remove any falling down moments where you exclaim “Oh this is going to be shit!, I sound like a moron!”. I’ve gotten quite good at editing.

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