Keep on Running

I slid out of bed early this morning, pulled on some old shorts and running shoes, and looked in on the children. There had been plans at dinner last night for myself, and all three of my daughters to run together – with promises of cooked breakfasts on our return from my other half by way of a bribe. None of it happened.

I walked out into the cold morning air, and wondered if the aches and pains in my legs from the first run (the first in months) might be shaken off during the first few minutes. I guess it shows how poor my fitness has become that DOMs has affected me so badly this time – usually I cycle to work every day – 6 miles or so of pretty strenuous leg workout.

The route I took around town was almost entirely deserted. I will admit to grinning as I turned a corner and saw a couple walking down the middle of the road, all over each other. I wondered if they had met up during their walk – a liaison of sorts. I don’t think they even registered my presence as I ran past – such was their infatuation with each other.

After running for perhaps half an hour, I let myself back into the house, and discovered everybody except Miss 19 still fast asleep. While waiting for bacon to cook I looked in on her, and discovered her buried in a book about HTML, tinkering with the website she has been building.

“I figured something new out!”

I grinned, looked at her source code, and nodded my approval.

An hour or so later, the rest of the household began to appear from their hiding places, and somebody asked if I could help them print a form out. Why do paper forms still exist? Why? Quite apart from requiring a printer to print the damn form, and then some form of scanner or camera to record the filled form and then a computer to send it back – it’s madness. The thing that really drove me insane? The person that invented the form sent out the Microsoft Word document file containing the form – so I could (for example) insert a sentence here and there, and make it available to others… When will people learn?

We won’t talk about it taking an hour to get our printer to work. Bloody thing. I did a bit of reading on the internet, and it turns out that connecting printers to home computers is STILL a nightmare for everybody everwhere. There really is no standard printing protocol – every printer in the known universe talks a different language to every other printer. You might think somebody would have tried to sort that out by now, but no. Hopefully the need to print things will eventually go away entirely – I’m not banking on it though.

Time for a cup of tea, something terrible to eat, and some rubbish television.

4 thoughts on “Keep on Running

  1. My school has made the leap to online medical forms and approvals for excursions. It makes life much easier. BUT my husband clicks the box without reading what he is approving. I am sure other parents do the same.

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  2. I was so happy when all those beginning of the year forms went online. And now they carry over with only a few lines to update if nothing changes. Filling them out for three was exhausting! I have to print math papers for the 16 year old and my printer is not friendly. It decided that it can’t print directly from my wi-fi any longer and is its own entity. I’m sure I could figure it out…but I don’t want to.


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