Slowing Down

While juggling various requests from my daughters, friends, emails, and instant messages today, I realised that I need to take a step back from everything for a while. I need to slow down. It’s too easy to find yourself attempting to be everywhere for everybody, all of the time. Or at least, it’s too easy for me.

I still haven’t touched the pile of books that was looming over me when lock-down began. I haven’t read a single page. There’s so many wonderful books – bought while wandering past bookshops before the social distancing insanity began. Obviously I didn’t buy them while wandering past – it was more a case of “before I knew it, I wasn’t walking past any more – I was in the book shop, and not entirely sure how I got there, or how long I had been there”. Bookshops are a bit like that. I wonder if Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein ever looked into them as a source of the missing mass in the universe ?

Of course you realise I’ll still end up writing almost every day. I won’t be able to help myself.

9 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. Books are one of my ‘instant messenger’ systems from the universe. Not one book I’ve ‘accidentally’ found myself buying hasn’t shown me the way. What is the way, you might ask? Who the bloody hell knows. The books only give you individual puzzle pieces. It’s up to you to assemble them slowly over time to reveal the whole puzzle of you, is my musings on that subject. Good luck with the isolation during isolation. I hope you find peace in your pages, lovely friend. x

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    1. I remember reading a comment from a famous author – it might have been Stephen King – where he noted that if you’re not reading, you can’t expect to be able to write.

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      1. I heard that same sentiment over and over during my course. And it’s so true. Even the flow of the writing is so much easier to grasp for yourself if you’re reading, isn’t it. Not to mention the benefits of active reading (trying to identify what the author does well so you can do it too), but that’s a nerdy story for another comment section. Lol.

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