Unfollowing Drama Queens

I’m sitting at the dining table this morning, opposite our youngest daughter who is getting on with school work. My other half is in the junk room, working. I have the day off. So far I have thrown a couple of loads through the washing machine, cleared the washing up, been for a cycle around town, and had a shower.

The cycling thing is my master-plan to “fix” my right knee. It’s been hurting for the last week when I run on it – I imagine because I’m nowhere near as fit as I was three months ago, and have probably put on weight while at home. It seems to be working so far. Thankfully the “Couch to 5K” running plan doesn’t really ramp up for another couple of weeks, so we’ll see.

Cycling around town was… interesting. If not for gale-force-winds, it would probably have been really enjoyable. As it was, it turned into a serious workout – but miraculously my knee was fine. I only stayed out for twenty minutes, and covered about 6 kilometres. I saw nobody throughout the ride, other than a car that got stuck behind me on an uphill stretch of the route. I imagine they were pretty furious – given that I didn’t see any more cars anywhere in town – and they got stuck behind the only cyclist they probably saw all morning.

One up-side to the wind? It’s making short work of drying the washing on the line.

This is what my life has been reduced to – washing clothes and dishes, running and cycling to avoid becoming enormously fat, and minding children to make sure they get their homework done. I’m starting to identify really strongly with the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day”. At least I’m working tomorrow – even if that does mean sitting in the junk room, instead of the lounge.

Following the Prime Minister outlining plans for the beginning of the UK lifting itself out of lock-down last night, Facebook erupted with a torrent of ignorance, misinformation, fear, and uncertainty. I swear – some people love nothing better than to set fire to the ground beneath their own feet, before climbing atop a soapbox of their own construction, and attracting as much attention as possible. For a change I think the government are doing a pretty damn good job in impossible circumstances – and now is not the time to start pointing fingers, blaming, or whatever else. How quickly people forget what it means to be British, and instead start whispering “but what about me though?”.

I blame the social internet, and the ability for people to foster their own insular bubbles filled with self-obsessed attention seeking idiocy. And yes, I realise there is a certain amount of irony involved here – given that blogs are of course insular bubbles filled with personal content – but they tend to describe life in a fairly even handed manner (or at least the good ones do) – not complain, shout, scream, and wallow. Bloggers tend to be highly introspective and reflective – rarely finger pointers or blamers.

I had to un-follow several people last night – if only to protect my own mental health.

Anyway. Here’s to you and yours, and another day in lock-down. I’m here all day.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

12 replies on “Unfollowing Drama Queens”

I quit facebook without deleting my account back in…mid March maybe? Haven’t been back, not even once. I miss nothing about it. It’s liberating. 🙂

I hope you keep your cycling up. For once you can do it out of enjoyment, instead of for work transportation.

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As you know I have come off Facebook primarily for that reason. Too much noise and bullshit. Helps the soul not being Open to all that noise. So is cycling. Can’t beat endorphins flying through the veins.

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At first, I never would unfollow. It seemed rude, to put one’s self out there, and then slam the door shut when you didn’t like what came back. As time went on, I became wiser. I would unfollow if the response was racist or sexist–I felt no reponsibility to provide a platform for hatred. Then, I would unfollow if the responder kept pushing for a personal, even intimate, connection. Nope, not that. Then I started to unfollow conspiracy-driven drivel–again, I’m not going to promote mental illness. My world, my rules. I do leave room for any and all opinions, particularly if topic related, and if presented in a respectful and literate manner.

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I’m a muter and unfollower, depending on the person and the level of annoyance. I also have began reporting ads that I feel like are noise or feeding negative biases. Having control of your social media is very important to your mental health! 👏


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