Yes, I’m still here. No, I haven’t shut the blog down (yet). If the last few years have taught me anything, it’s that I’ll always return. Eventually. I’m wondering if this “every other day” (or less) plan is better, because I end up with things to write about, rather than just dumping the events of the day into the keyboard – and yes, I know many people thing the random miscellany is the best stuff, but I have this idiotic machine ticking away in my head, that thinks of things from time to time, and if I record the mundane, the crazy stuff doesn’t get it’s chance in the sun.

I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated with “people” at the moment. Few people seem to have much perspective any more – it’s all about them, their concerns, their opinions, and their soapbox ranting. There is no grey area in a debate any more – you are either with the shouty people, or you are the enemy.

As an example, J K Rowling posted a fairly innocuous tweet last week about women losing their voice in the world. She termed them “people who menstruate”, and nobody seemed to get it – she got shouted down by a rapidly moving mob who invented their own message from her words and busily organised pitchforks and a bonfire. Her objection to the Spartacus situation many people find themselves in immediately played itself out – drowning out her voice just as she highlighted was happening to others.

Very few seem to want to see a bigger or wider picture, because it’s easier to tear people down, rubbish their views, and walk away. In this supposedly “woke” world where there are so many opportunities to educate ourselves, there seems to be a LOT of wilful ignorance going on.

Anyway – enough of that.

It’s been a quiet week. We have had builders in at home. Our house now has shiny new windows and doors – and we have no money. Well… we obviously have enough for food and bills, but that’s about it.

I’m still running. I’ll be out first thing tomorrow – probably on my own – running around town. I may well go for the full 5K distance – I’m fed up with repeatedly back-tracking the “Couch to 5K” plan to suit the children. My eldest can’t run this week because she has shin splints, and my youngest is suffering from “can’t get out of bed-itus”.

In other news, our ginger cat – the last of three brothers – has been unwell. He spent most of this week in hospital, and has returned home tonight. Fingers crossed he will be ok, but of course now we have the ridiculous job of making him take tablets several times a day. Have you ever tried to get a cat to swallow a tablet? Yeah… you kind of need chain-mail armour.

3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Firstly, I’m sorry to hear about your kitty cat. Animals are so near and dear and when they’re ill and they’re so difficult to try and help, it’s a real struggle.

    Secondly, I’m likely one of those individuals who lacks perspective or reasoning with, so if you ever feel the need to yell at me, please do. Sometimes I need someone to snap some sense into me.

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  2. I agree with you, actually. About all of it. The pitch fork syndrome hurts me the most because if people would only imagined the pitchforks being turned onto *them* for expressing their own *individual* views…I’d imagine they’d be utterly heartbroken.😢 I just can’t even look at it all at the moment, to be honest. I’ve just had to surrender to ‘what is’ until I figure out how to move forward (because once again, I’ve been the odd duck in the corner, going ‘wtf’, as per usual. 😱) With that said, earth is a bit of a shit storm on the best of days. People often can’t see clearly when they feel as though their views are being attacked, or when we’re so thick in the mud of it all. So I guess I try and empathise with that half the time, and for the rest of the time I try to pretend that no one exists in the world but me. That works well, until it doesn’t anymore. Then I just cry. Anyway, that’s all very jolly. Happy day to you. x

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