For those that don’t know, I very rarely write blog posts straight into the WordPress editor interface – I used to write everything in a text editor, save it into a neat and tidy folder structure, and copy it into WordPress. In recent months (since lockdown, I suppose), I have written in Google Docs, copied the text across.

Why am I writing about it?

Because I’ve had this post sitting on the screen all day – with no more than the title at the top – “Friday”. I typically give all posts the same title when I start writing, and then re-name them when a title presents itself. Quite often the title only relates to the final paragraph.

I don’t really have anything to report. My toe is still broken, the cat still has half his hair shaved off after his most recent hospital adventure, and I find myself becoming increasingly distant from “social” media.

I’m not sure that I’ve given up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on – so much as re-framed what they’re useful for. Or at least, what I find them useful for. I used to see “the social internet” as a way to reach out to the wider world – a way to discover interesting people, make friends, and share a little of each other’s lives. Somewhere along the way that all became somewhat poisonous though – Twitter became a place to stand on soapboxes and shout louder than the next person, Facebook became a place to have bitter disagreements with acquaintances, and Instagram became a place to show off.

I will admit to thinking quite a bit about shutting my blog down, and just reverting to a personal journal. I’ve thought about it before – I’ve DONE it before – but it doesn’t seem to be so much about me changing any more – it’s more about the world changing around me – becoming a little less friendly, a little more abrasive, and a little less welcoming.

I get it. Blogging has ALWAYS been a bit of an odd pursuit – sharing the guts of your day with a nameless audience. It’s just always been something I’ve done though – for twenty years now. I qualify it by telling myself that it helps keep me sane – and yet I filter perhaps half of the words I might share – all the most interesting stuff. The anger, the frustration, the gossip, the scandal, the unpopular opinions – the good stuff.

In other news, I weighed myself this morning. I’ve lost about 18 pounds since lockdown began. It’s not something I’ve done intentionally – we just haven’t bought any junk food for some time. It was mostly about saving money. If I lose another few pounds, I’ll be the same weight I was twenty years ago. Go me (sarcasm intended). I keep telling myself that I feel better for it, but I could murder a chocolate bar.

9 thoughts on “Friday

  1. I’m not so much a junk food consumer. Most of our treats, I bake. And I don’t tolerate sugar well–so the first modification to any recipe is to cut the sugar in half, sometimes down to a third. Every now and again, especially if I’m out in the world and having a tough go of it, I’ll splurge and eat a chocolate bar. I pay for it, but in that moment…heaven. Blogging, to me, is about encapsulating an experience in a way that might make it relevant to others. I have an unusual lifestyle, so my battles with weeds and bugs, chickens or rodents, bees or bears, might not capture others’ interests, but I try to frame it in the telling so that it resonates. While ‘marketing’ was the initial raison d’être for my blog, I don’t think it’s ever sold a book. Now I blog, and read blogs for the community/communities with which I align myself.

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  2. Well done on the weight loss. I totally get where your coming from with social media and blogging. I’m in the same place at the moment. So much to discuss but so much angers me that I prefer to not bother to get involved. It drains me so I purposely withdraw when it makes me like that. Then return when I feel in a better place. Your description of twitter, Facebook and Instagram is spot on. Good line that.


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