Life Support

It’s nearly a week since my last blog post. In terms of “falling off the blogging horse”, this isn’t so much “fallen off the horse”, as “let the horse free, and haven’t really thought about it since”. I guess you could say the blog is on life support.

Talking of life support, our cat is doing much better. After a couple of weeks locked in the house after two rounds of surgery – wiping out our bank balance in the process – he has had the “cone of shame” removed, and is allowed out in the garden once again. He wasted no time in establishing authority – bullying neighbourhood cats out of the garden one after another. Unfortunately he looks rather comical while doing so – with his back end shaved, he looks kind of like a poor excuse for a miniature lion.

Work continues on. I’m back working full time – although still working from home. For the last few days I have been running training sessions online – helping somebody build a proof-of-concept for something.

When not washing up, washing clothes, or hobbling around the house (my broken toe is getting better – but still hurts like hell), I have carried on playing with the flight simulator. My Dad chipped in to help me buy a new plane for it – knowing we are very very broke at the moment – so now I am busy learning to operate an Airbus A321 – the same kind of plane I have flown on to Germany so many times in the past.

I’ve taken part in several group “flights” now too – organised for the group to fly various simulated aircraft from and to different destinations – on Tuesday night my 16 year old daughter acted as co-pilot while we flew a Boeing 737 from Paraguay to Brazil. Her short term memory is much better than mine, which helps a lot with carrying out air traffic control instructions. For the first time so far, the entire flight went like clockwork – from “cold and dark” at the departure airport, through to power-down at the destination.

She hasn’t seen the Airbus yet.

I watched the horror movie “The Conjuring” with my eldest daughter last night – a supposedly true story about a haunted house in 1970s America. Apparently it’s the first of a series of movies about hauntings. Now I want to watch the rest (but not too late – I’ll never sleep).

Oh. More developments today. The car packed up (broken brake caliper), and my daughter’s car needed a battery replacement. Several hundred further into the red. We’re deep into credit card territory now for the first time ever.

3 thoughts on “Life Support

  1. Years ago, during an ugly time in my life, I ran up some debt. What could I do? The economy was in the tank and my clients weren’t paying me. It took years, for me (and the economy) to recover, after which I vowed to avoid credit. I’ve mostly been successful. I cannot take the stress of it. But then–you appear to be in a bullet proof profession and, you’ve got a back up plan. In an emergency, you’ll be trained to bring that flight in safely.

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  2. We’re thinking of getting a cat. I’m sorry to hear your cat has cleared out the bank. Expenses aside, do you recommend it? We want to adopt one from a shelter.


    1. Our younger cat – a little black one that mostly lives outside – was from a shelter. Organisations such as the Blue Cross or RSPCA profile the cats before putting them up for re-homing – to make sure they will fit in the environment they are headed to. In our case, Kaspar (the little black cat) had never had human contact, and had lived outside – which is fine for us, because we have a huge garden. He was also tipped as being great with other cats – and he is – with ALL the neighbourhood cats 🙂 Strangely, the only person in the house he will actually approach is our youngest daughter – but she is like that with all animals. We wonder what it is about her that they sense.


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