Ray and Marijne

I meant to write a blog post yesterday, but somehow the day got away from me. The days have been doing that a lot recently. I started writing, but got no further than the first paragraph.

I ran yesterday morning – another five kilometres around town. There is no record of it happening this time though, because I bought a little MP3 player to use while running instead of carrying my mobile phone. I had been recording runs on “Strava” (a free running app), but realised I was beginning to think too much about how far, and how fast I have been running. I’m not training to win anything – I’m just trying to keep fit.

I filled the MP3 player with a running compilation album, and immediately regretted it. I need to fill it with all my favourite, most cheesy songs. Songs that take my mind off running instead of “how long is left of this horrific rubbish?”. I’m thinking a huge collection of 70s and 80s tracks from the likes of Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Go West, Ultravox, Fleetwood Mac, and whoever else springs to mind.

While writing this, I have some music on in the background – “Rush Hour” just started playing by Jane Weildlin – apparently she was a guitarist with the Go Gos (the band that Belinda Carlisle started out with). There’s something about music from that era. I’m not sure if it’s just because I was an impressionable teen back then, and the music is burned into my subconscious. I have no doubt every generation thinks their music is the best for the same reasons.

I can still remember MTV banning rap – this was of course back when MTV was ubiquitous across satellite and cable television networks, and played music videos all day instead of a non-stop stream of reality shows. My late teens and early twenties were spent listening to and watching MTV Europe – with Ray Cokes and Marijne van der Vlugt introducing the various videos. Oh my word how I laughed at Ray, and adored Marijne.

4 thoughts on “Ray and Marijne

  1. I’ve just started using Strava because we’ve started a running challenge at work to do 3km every day. I was doing that anyway but it’s been quite nice to see the stats from my runs. Things like pace and time which I only really guessed at before. I also like listening to podcasts when I run and so take my phone for that.

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