Hitting it Out of the Park

Miss 16 received her exam results yesterday morning – passing eight of the nine exams she took with flying colours. While it’s easy for me to write it, it wasn’t easy for her to achieve at all – she worked her backside off for the last two years – going to early morning study sessions, weekend workshops, and more.

She will be the first to tell you that she is not the most academically gifted student – which makes her results all the more special. Finally her future looks assured – two years at college studying uniformed services, and then on to her dream of a career in the police.

The next hill for her to climb is fitness. She’s already on a diet, and starting to look towards fitness. I’m quietly hoping she “finds her tribe” at college – she’s always been quite solitary in the past.

I had promised a reward of some sort for passing her exams – and that arrived in the form of a new Filofax through the post this morning. If you’ve not seen them, they are a leather bound diary and notebook – in many ways the predecessor of Bullet Journals. Throughout secondary school she had a planner supplied by the school, filled with events, dates, and notes – this will take the place of that one.

In other news, we have been playing an old board game at home called “Dungeons and Dragons”. Apparently it’s a copy of an older board game called “Hero Quest”, and both have become collectors items. I looked up the boxed game we have, and it regularly goes for quite a lot of money. Who knew? I’m pretty sure I bought it from the bargain bin of a discount store about fifteen years ago.

We’ve also been playing a ridiculous dice game called “Bang”, where you sit around a table and pretend to be outlaws, and a sheriff from the old west – variously trying to shoot each other, and dodge arrows – all by throwing dice, and theatrically pointing your fingers at each other and shouting “bang!”. It’s more fun than it sounds – particularly after a few drinks.

I’ll never forget our youngest daughter playing Risk for the first time, a couple of years ago – threatening her sister that when it was her turn, she was going to “get wrecked”…

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