It’s nearly 10am, and I’m sitting in the variously titled “study” or “junk room” at home, working. I’m a software developer. My job usually involves sitting in front of a computer all day, trying to turn somebody else’s ideas into reality. Sometimes it’s interesting. Sometimes it’s frustrating. Sometimes it’s incredibly annoying. I won’t get into why.

I’m listening to Spotify. I made a retro playlist a few weeks ago – it’s playing now. Debbie Gibson is whining about something or other. The start of the song was quite good, but the louder she gets, the more whiney she gets. I’m moments away from clicking the “next track” button. Ah crap. Tiffany is now singing about being “Alone Now”…

The second coffee of the day is sitting next to me on the desk. There are bubbles of fat floating around the rim of the mug – we accidentally bought full-fat milk the other day, and I’m the only person that will drink it. I hate wasting things.

I quite like working from home, but I really need to start doing something about fitness. I haven’t been running for the last few weeks. It’s too tempting to stay in bed until work starts on a morning – especially given that my commute is essentially the six or seven footsteps from the bathroom to the junk room. I think perhaps home working suits some people better than others – even though I think of myself as a black belt at procrastination, I’m also a bit of a lunatic when faced with long and difficult projects – burying myself in them and confounding expectations all around me.

I am often my own worst enemy, because if you continue hitting things out of the park, people begin to expect it.

I resurrected my old Filofax diary the other day. I’m using it alongside the bullet journal at the moment, which I know is a bit mad. The bullet journal records the things I do each day – the filofax records the things coming up in the future. I somehow have always preferred paper over Google Calendar, Outlook, or whatever else.

My coffee is going cold. I should drink it. Heart are now singing Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters. I might have to sit, drink the coffee, and listen.

This post was brought to you by procrastination, and apathy.

2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. And now your coffee’s gone cold because you’ve spent your drinking time writing this. 😂Also, you’re a big dag. Also…80’s! Yeah!

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  2. Study, or office. NOT junk room. If you want to honor the work you do there, if you want others to honor the work you do there, you need to start the linguistic change–to upgrade your digs. It’s wonderful to create a work environment that reflects your style–music in the background (or foreground, depending upon what song comes up), privacy and some sense of it being your space. I used to bring artwork into my office, and flowers. People would ask why I did that, when I so infrequently saw clients in person. As if, I wasn’t good enough on my own to warrant the good vibes. Sheesh. Studies show that the work-from-home pandemic response has actually resulted in people working more. Not so good. But good that you’re making it work with music and cold coffee. I’m having a similar discipline problem–I injured my neck a few weeks back, and I’m nursing it back to health. I could have returned to exercise…but so far, I haven’t. I think about it. I know that, once I start, I’ll feel better for it. Sigh. Instead, I bury myself in the news–mostly bad–and curse at every new round of fascism. I have my little projects (and some, not so little) but I’m obsessed with watching democracy and Western civilization go down the tubes. Fascists, hurricanes, wild fires, climate change, pandemic, corruption. I think I need a break.

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