I’m stepping away from the social internet for a while.

Everywhere I look, all I see is keyboard warriors writing at length about politics, social injustice, gender bias, racism, and any other thing that has triggered them on a particular day.

Here’s the thing – social networks surround people with those that share similar views – so all they are doing is preaching to the choir. Here’s another thing – most people don’t want to start a conversation – they just want to promote their often badly informed views and opinions as widely as possible.

If those expounding at length about the injustices surrounding them invested anywhere near as much effort in actually doing anything, they might succeed in moving the dial a little, rather than just making a lot of noise about where it’s pointing.

Of course the internet isn’t entirely full of soap-box activists. There’s a quiet army of regular people, just trying to get from one day to the next without being called out, or drawn into anything too horrendous.  That doesn’t mean they don’t care.

If you see me posting about flying pretend aeroplanes, exploring imaginary planets, or adventuring through sewers as a mad Italian plumber over the coming weeks, you’ll know why.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

4 replies on “Frustrated”

Some of us keyboard warriors are doing more than that. Pandemic conditions make it difficult to walk one’s talk, but the fury you see in print is matched by people on the ground, working to make things better. Don’t be frustrated, roll up your sleeves and use your talents productively. Taking action, any action, even bits of kindness to strangers, is the salve that makes the rest of this bearable.


Yes, it is so so hard to deal with, my goodness.😢There are many of us (cough: you, and me, and many others) who easily absorb dense, negative energy- and very much struggle to deal with the intensity of activism. Promoting empathy is my ‘thing’ and that really has no place among the loud noises of the world. (Such a big softy-and proud of it! Yayah!🤗🥰)

I guess activism is others’ ‘thing’ and though it feels so big and yucky to me, it seems to energise others and give them purpose. All we really can do is remove ourselves from it so we are fresh and shiny enough to focus on our own ‘thing’. For the record: I removed myself from Facebook and Twitter and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. This is the right choice for you, Jonathan. Well done for recognising that as a need of yours, and thanks for writing this blog post! It has acted as a wonderful validation of my own choices.☀️ xx

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