I just got back from a walk through the warm evening air to the supermarket and back. It was intended as a mental health walk of sorts – I’ve been going increasingly stir crazy working from home. Of course then “people” intervened to ruin it, but I’ll get back to that.

While wandering around the supermarket, picking up all the exciting things – lightbulbs, dishwashing sponges, deodorant, and so on – I happened upon all the “back to school” things that are now being sold at a huge discount. I came home with two stationery sets I don’t really need – filled with notebooks, rulers, pens, pencils, and so on. I showed my other half, and she rolled her eyes.

“But they were on offer!”

I laughed at myself, and remembered a girl I used to work with – who once commented that her Mum would buy dog food if it was on offer, and they didn’t even have a dog.

I also bought nice coffee. If I’m going to be hunched over this desk for days on end, I’m going to damn well have nice coffee to give me higher quality shakes.

In other news we received some bad news tonight – a friend of my Dad – a fellow flight simulator enthusiast that he has virtually flown with countless times, made friends with, and visited for meals and nights out – died unexpectedly. He was a virtual air traffic controller for many of the flights my daughter has taken part in – I told her a little while after she came home from college tonight. Everything seems very sombre now.

While walking into town, I thought about those that knew the guy that passed away – and if they might be changed by it. None of us is here forever – there’s a saying about not getting a second go at this life business, isn’t there.

I suppose this brings me neatly to the ass-hats that ruined my quiet walk to the supermarket. While waiting at the checkout, 2 metres away from the next customer, an older gentleman walked up right behind me, well within the markings on the floor. While being quietly annoyed with him, the middle-aged women at the checkout couldn’t find her bank card, so pulled her face covering off to tell the girl on the checkout that she was looking for it – and didn’t put her mask back on.

What is it with older people not caring about the lockdown rules? Is it any surprise that a second wave is sweeping the world? I keep reading about people going on foreign holidays, and wondering “WHAT THE F*CK?”. Nobody seems to have any understanding at all about combinatorial explosion, or the potentially devastating consequences of not know you were spreading anything for the several week gestation period of the virus.

Why are people so frustrating?


Deep breaths.

I’ve switched back to writing in a text editor. I’m rocking Windows Notepad, and saving the text files into OneDrive. It requires very little effort indeed. Not having the daily car-crash news from the US a tab click away helps keep me on track.

p.s. Miss 16 loved her first day at college.

4 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. College is going to be such fun for her!!

    I was out shopping for my daughter and marveled how many people wear masks covering only part of their mouth, and not the nose. Or purposely ignoring the directional arrows.🙄

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  2. First, Congrats to Miss 16.

    The rest is similar to what many of us are feeling. (Without the jabs at older folks…we being older folks.) We have pretty much retreated to our own property. I shop–once a week or so, well masked and cautious. We take supplements, especially Vitamin D, given the research squeaking out about its beneficial effects. There is an impending feeling to everything. Between Covid, civil unrest (albeit for good reason), election insanity, fires, floods and climate issues, we’re at capacity.

    And today, my sister invites herself for a visit. We decline, but say maybe later in the year. And she counters with an invitation for hunting, poker, and “womens’ activities” in November. They have friends coming up from downstate. It’ll be fun. Really? We’re holed up like hermits and she wants to mix it up with all kinds of folks we don’t know, from hundreds of miles away. Clearly, she is not practicing proper social distancing. How do you say, “We’re not interested in mixing with the exponential unanswered questions of people who don’t take this pandemic seriously?” I guess the short answer is just, “No.”

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  3. I think that might be slightly unfair. I see many ‘older’ people walking round my town wearing masks properly and consistently whereas middle aged and younger folk simply do not seem to give a hoot.

    The sad irony is that the elderly generation are doing the right thing and indirectly protecting the rest of the community – instead of the other way round !

    I saw a documentary about the evacuation of children to the countryside in WW2. Kids being gently separated from their mothers, wearing those large, heavy, uncomfortable gas masks. Not a tear or a ‘request for guidance’ in sight.

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