People Ruin Everything

Slowly but surely, we’re headed back towards lockdown – because some people think they know better than everybody else. And yes, I’m absolutely talking about the people who flew to overseas holidays this summer, or travelled long distances over land. Idiots.

“Oh, but the rules say…”

Yes, we all know what the rules say. And most people abide by them. Unfortunately a small number of people in all places don’t – and then you visit those places, and if you’re unlucky you cross paths with them – and you become a Darwin Award winner too.

There’s a lot of ignorance, selfishness, and thoughtlessness going on.

I was going to visit my parents late in the autumn for a week. There’s no way that can happen now. Next spring if we’re lucky. It’s not worth putting ourselves or them at risk.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go read a book, or fly a pretend aeroplane, because it doesn’t involve dealing with people.

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