Drama Queens

It’s Sunday afternoon, and the sun is shining. I expect the rest of the family will expect me to wander out into the back garden soon and start the barbecue. I’m wondering where the weekend went.

I’ve recently found myself thinking about this whole blogging escapade again. I’ve been writing at WordPress for years, and cross-posting into Tumblr. While doing so, WordPress has been slowly pivoting towards becoming a publishing platform – great for running a company website, but perhaps not quite so good at being a personal journal. If I’m right, Automattic’s acquisition of Tumblr makes a lot of sense.

The social internet itself is changing too (if indeed it ever was social).

The internet has become a lot less open and accepting than it once was. Cancel culture has to shoulder much of the blame for that. Rather than embrace differences, and celebrate diversity of thought and opinion, too many people have joined forces in a weaponised rampage of destruction – racing to the bottom as fast as they can. It’s a shame.

I’m reminded of a ridiculous comedy movie many years ago where the staff of a factory repeatedly downed tools and went on strike for the most innocuous of reasons – if transposed into the social internet, it’s the same as somebody noticing a slight perceived injustice while wandering along a street, setting up a soap-box, attracting a crowd, and handing out sub-machine-guns to anybody that might want to join in the “take down”.

The distortion of “Black Lives Matter” has proven that a militant minority will attach itself to any populist cause in order to quietly further their real aim, or bring down the cause they are pretending to support.

This got a bit deep, didn’t it.

Shall we just agree that on the whole, people are great – but also that a small number of people ruin everything for everybody else. I think the Celestine Prophecy described it in terms of energy transactions – where some would create dramas to draw energy from others. Drama queens. The world needs a few less drama queens.

Shall we also agree that I need to stop thinking so much ?

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

4 replies on “Drama Queens”

You don’t think too much. The problem is that others don’t think enough, if at all. It gives new meaning to the word ‘thoughtless.’ Critical thinking would go a long way towards resolving many, if not most, of the issues plaguing us today. But the drama queen thing thrives on getting folks in an emotional tornado–and then changing the topic if anyone approaches making sense. I find myself spending more and more time in the garden.


I’ve been thinking about ‘the battle’, actually, and the conclusion I’ve come to is this. The pressure they (the drama queens, as you call them🤓)are creating will eventually explode into a place of collective surrender. They can’t be angry at life, forever, surely (and honestly: I suspect it’s actually their own personal inner wounding that is causing their external projections. Once they heal, the collective BOOM should relax a little. I hope. That’s my theory, anyway.)

PS. For heavens sake, don’t stop thinking. Keep thinking. And keep gently speaking your truth because A LOT of us believe your truth, too, and we need you to be our mirror so that we can EXPAND our own perspective. Your ideas are MORE than worthy, Jonathan. In fact, when you let them flow: you’ll write book after book that will help to change the world for the better. That’s what I reckon, anyway. 😉 GO GO GO!! 🥳


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