More Running, More Coffee

Some good friends came over last night and sat outside with us while I cooked food on the barbecue. I somehow managed to drink two thirds of a bottle of wine while talking about everything and nothing with them, and boy did I know about it this morning. It didn’t stop me going for a run though.

I’m not quite sure how my brain works with this whole running business – I guess I’m pretty good at being accountable to myself. I thought about staying in bed for an extra half hour, but something inside me stood me up, pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt, and delivered me to the doorstep.

I’m not particularly happy with how far I’m running, or how fast I’m running, but also realise that at least I’m doing it – at least I’m doing something.

I’ve already downed one coffee this morning. A second will be following in a few minutes.

In other news, lets try not to remember the huge ass spider that climbed on me while hanging washing on the line this morning. I have no idea how long he was on me, hitching a free ride around the house, before he decided to climb down my leg. It was a “false widow” – I don’t think they are particularly dangerous, but probably enough to make the kids scream.

4 thoughts on “More Running, More Coffee

  1. I had developed the habit of leaving the clothes pins on the line between washings. Sometimes these little pale spiders would take up residence in the inner arc of the pins. I didn’t think much of it… a flick of the pin would dislodge them. Until, that is, one day when I did laundry, and changed the sheets. That night, climbing into bed, eyeglasses already off, I saw motion as I pulled back the top sheet. My sweetie was already in bed, on his side, reading. Even without my glasses, I recognized the hazard. Without making a fuss, I swept the little bastard onto the floor and dispatched him. Sweetie, none the wiser. It was my fault, for not being more careful. But now, I carefully put the pins in the laundry apron, safely on the hook, inside. I had trouble falling asleep that night, wondering what might be lurking on the other side of the bed.

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    1. I looked it up last night – think the one I saw yesterday was just a European Garden Spider (Orb Web) – although have seen False Windows in the back garden in the past.


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