Midnight Messaging

I’m tired – properly tired – and it’s all my own fault.

I was up until 2am messaging back and forth with my cousin in California. When we were younger we were among the closest in the family – despite living half a world away from each other. Then life happened. I got married, she got married, children, house moves, school, and before we knew it we hadn’t so much as said hello for a couple of years.

Here’s the thing though – when we do say hello, as happened this week – it’s like the conversation never stopped. She was the girl that sat opposite me in a bar many years ago and said “Oh Jonathan – your walls are made of mud, and I am the rain”.

I was up until 2am. And now I’m paying for it. The work day is just starting, and I’m already two coffees into it. I’m powered by caffeine. I should have a badge or something.

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