Lunchtime Lunacy

After not getting up in time to go for a run this morning (actually there is more to the story – the kitchen was wrecked, so I spent the first hour of the day clearing up behind everybody else), it occurred to me at lunchtime that I work from home now – and what was stopping me from pulling my shorts on and heading straight out of the front door ?

Five minutes later I did just that – and went for a run around the back streets of town. I think the rain agreed with my idea so much that it organised it’s own little Truman Show cloud to follow me – soaking me through to my underwear while running.

While it sounds worthy, and healthy, and inspiring to go out running, the reality was more a case of continually thinking “how far left? how long have I been running for so far? when is it going to stop raining? how far left now? how long left?” – and so on, and so on – for the entire duration of the run really.

I did it though. I went out and ran. Go me.

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