Unexpected Staycation

I woke up with a blocked nose and a headache this morning, looked out of the window at a world filled with rain, and decided that running can wait. Running isn’t a thing that I do on particular days – just something I do a couple of times a week in order to do *something*.

I’ve just emailed into work, suggesting that I use some holiday days up through the end of this week. Scheduled client work has moved into next week, and I have a mountain of holiday days left unused – accrued while many of the developers were furlowed earlier in the year. I worked straight through, and it’s become something of a problem – we’re only allowed to carry a certain number of days through into the next calendar year, and that resets at the end of this month.

Fingers crossed the holiday days get green-lighted (as I wrote this, an email arrived on my work laptop – agreeing with the plan – I’m doing a happy dance).

I’m not going to be GOING anywhere of course – I’ll just be knocking around the house, washing clothes, cleaning, grocery shopping, and so on. I can’t actually AFFORD to do anything that costs anything, because we are STILL at zero in the bank. After saving the cat’s life with a number of ridiculously expensive operations, and spending the last six weeks edging ourselves back into the black, school and sports clubs started back up. Shoes, boots, kit, uniforms, materials, memberships… and back into the red.

In a month or so, we’ll be back in the black again, and climbing back out of the hole. I think the thing that perhaps annoys me more than anything else at the moment is the constant requests to support this or that – when people KNOW that everybody is broke. I guess those asking for support are broke too.

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