So Called Day Off

After confirming the last few days of the week off work, I hit the ground running this morning at home – pushing two loads of washing through the machine (it’s currently on it’s third), emptying and re-loading the dishwasher, cycling six miles to go and pick up some paperwork, walking a couple of miles to run some errands in town, and finally I’m back – half listening to load the washing machine again.


I’m trying to ring-fence the afternoon to write blog posts (you’re reading the result of that), and perhaps slow down a little bit.

While in town earlier I became incredibly annoyed/frustrated/angry, but realise that there’s no point going on about any of it, because people are going to do what people are going to do, and some of them are going to die – mostly because they are idiots.

Seriously. It’s a week-day. The children are all at school. Their parents are all at work (or working from home). Running errands in town this morning really just served to highlight who the real spreaders of COVID19 are – pensioners. They were bloody everywhere, none of them social distancing, none of them wearing face coverings, and none of them following guidelines.

One of the narrow street through town has one-way markings all over the pavements – to force people to walk on one side of the road or the other – to help maintain distance. The road is perhaps one hundred and fifty yards long. At least ten pensioners passed me – none with face coverings, all walking against the direction signs. It’s SO frustrating.

It’s no accident that we’re heading back towards a total lockdown. People love to bash the government for somehow “failing” them – but in reality “the people” are the cause of just about everything wrong in this world. When you start to think about it, you realise the only reason we have police, courts, prisons, and so on is because if left to their own devices, people just can’t be trusted. It’s pretty depressing really.


I’m going to try and remind myself that not everybody is bad over the next day or two. This will mostly involve staying the hell away from town, and perhaps jumping down a few internet rabbit holes.

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