Not Dead Yet

I can’t really write “rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”, because there were no rumours. I can say that I’m still out here though, and I might be waking from my slumber. Maybe I was never really gone.

If you head over to, you will be able to subscribe, and catch up with my recent adventures.

3 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet

    1. It’s less tempting to start “playing the game” with following, liking, commenting, and obsessing over it. Half the problem I guess is that I don’t typically have time to do all that stuff, so feel bad if I can’t return people’s interest in me. Also, I don’t like how blog platforms have become walled gardens – where you can only interact if you’re a member – or you get extra feedback options if you’re a member.

      Substack is similar in some ways to TinyLetter – but produces a nice looking blog from your posts as well as doing a really great email newsletter too.

      I suppose at heart I’m a bit eccentric and a bit of a romantic too – so the idea of receiving email is persuasive (to me) too.


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