Strange Dreams

After falling into bed uncharacteristically early last night, I fell into a deep sleep and dreamed. It’s rare that I remember dreams – but one of last night’s dreams (there were several) burned its way into my memory – fragments of it are still there, several hours later.

There was a girl, sitting on a raised grassy bank on a corner of a busy city street. We had somehow found ourselves in conversation with one another for some time – perfect strangers – forging an unlikely friendship.

Some time later – a year, several years – dreams work in strange ways – I found myself passing the same corner, and she was there once more. We recognised each other as old friends do, and made a pact – to meet up on the same corner each year.

And so the dream continued – returning year on year, on a date we had agreed. As the years passed we told stories of the year that had passed – of our families, our friends, our struggles, our celebrations – but we always seemed to meet alone.

The dream happened in the space of a couple of hours. I remember waking in the early hours with a previous dream, and waking again a few hours later after a completely different dream.

I can remember exactly what she looked like. How does our brain do that ? How does it conjure such intricate, detailed stories from fragments of our thoughts and memories ?

I wonder if I’ll ever meet her ?

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