A Quiet Day

Today was a quiet day. A purposely quiet day. After the last few weeks working on complex projects I needed to give my brain a rest.

Of course the natural result of a quiet day is very little to share. No great thoughts, opinions or stories to impart. Perhaps tomorrow will prove more fruitful – I have arm-twisted my eldest daughter into going for a walk with me in the morning. A slow walk to the river to feed the ducks will do us both some good.

At least we’re not self isolating any more.

It’s funny really – in preparation to self isolate following last week’s COVID scare at home, we started ordering food as one might if you knew you couldn’t leave the house for a couple of weeks – and of course now we have the negative results, those food orders are arriving.

We’re all going to get fat.

While it might seem like I’m being incredibly flippant about the coronavirus, nothing could be further from the truth. When faced with anything sufficiently scary, I tend to look for the positives or the humor in a situation. I think most parents do it – especially when surrounded by their children. There is an instinct to shield them from the more brutal aspects of the world if you can.

I haven’t been running for over a week now. I really need to do something about that. Perhaps a quiet run around town in the morning will do me some good. Unfortunately now the mornings are growing colder, the bedclothes seem infinitely more inviting.

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