People Ruin Everything

The clock is ticking towards midnight on Sunday night. I’m trying to piece the day back together in my head – to recall where it went. Weekends seem to be a bit like that recently – before you know it they are gone, and you’re not entirely sure where.

I got up fairly early, and wandered down to clear the kitchen, put some clothes in the washing machine, and make myself some breakfast. A little while after that – after catching up the the overnight news from across the pond – I woke our eldest daughter.

Half an hour later we ventured into town together. Some fresh air in the sunshine. We walked to the big park in the middle of town, and picked up a coffee from the cafe near the children’s playpark. While in the socially distanced queue, I scanned the NHS barcode for the location with the track and trace app, and we pulled our masks on. I noticed very few people around us were wearing masks – and after ordering coffee and waiting, realised that nobody else was using the track and trace app either.

It’s madness. We walked through the park, and noticed no form of social distancing what-so-ever from older people. It’s not the first time I have noticed it. After finding a secluded park bench, we watched the world go by for a while – shaking our head at people’s behaviour. It’s really no surprise that COVID cases are increasing more quickly now than at any point in the year – people cannot be trusted to do anything they are asked, unless threatened with police intervention. It frustrates me enormously.

I get it – I’m Dudley Dooright – but people are getting sick, and people are dying. Has the world really become so selfish, thoughtless and ignorant?

Let’s hope the government announces a national lockdown again tomorrow – then perhaps the legion of idiots crammed into one of the cafes we passed on the way home – none distancing – none wearing masks – will only have themselves to blame.

After returning from town I found a note on the kitchen top from my other half – who had taken our daughters to play rugby some miles away from home.

“Please make chilli for dinner – beef mince is in the fridge”.

Luckily chilli is one of the few meals I can make fairly reliably well – which is exactly what I did. You can’t really mess it up, can you – fry the beef, then throw in a pot with chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, chilli, and whatever else you might have to hand. I added carrots – mostly because we had some. My other half had a vegetarian version – identical save for veggie mince instead of beef.

All the kids clean-plated.

In other news, I’m actually starting to enjoy this writing business again. It turns out separating myself from the social elements of “blogging” has helped enormously. I’m not writing for anybody in particular any more – I’m just writing. And of course I’ve made a mental note that NaNoWriMo is just around the corner – because I’m the King of the idiots.

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