Late Night Thoughts

After sitting in this chair for eight hours already today, wrestling with all manner of complex design problems for a system that only exists in schematics, fake screenshots, and notepad pages at the moment, I’m loathe to spend much further time today sitting in front of a keyboard. And yet something calls to me – knowing that I didn’t post any words yesterday.

(six hours pass)

Do you ever look back at the evening, and wonder where it went? I read some news stories, took part in an online escapade with some friends, played a few games of chess, and then got sucked into watching videos on Facebook. Suddenly it’s midnight.

You know how people go on about productivity, and such like? I wonder if there’s any mileage in the opposite? Making lists of things you’re NOT likely to get around to – like the list of classic movies I wrote at the start of the year and have only watched one of so far, or the tower of books I still haven’t read. I suppose I HAVE stopped buying books though, so there’s that.

Anyway. It’s midnight. Time to wind things down, put things away, turn things off, lock doors, brush teeth, and all the rest of the things.

It’s all about things really, isn’t it – the things we say, the things we do, the things we think about, the things we remember, the things we DON’T remember.

I fear I’m starting to remember less and less – or rather, sometimes I seem to be able to remember everything, and other times I struggle to remember anything at all. On a good day I can give my other half a run for her money at Trivial Pursuit – the next day, I lose horribly.

Chess is something of an enigma – I’ve still not figured out what makes me good one day, and poor the next. Sometimes I “see” everything – tactics, strategies, implications, subtleties – and then other times I see little or nothing. It’s all very strange.

I should stop thinking, and go sleep. Let’s hope the dreams compare favourably with the recent idiocy my brain has been playing back to me while dead to the world.

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