I think it was Fox Mulder that once said “nothing is ever really gone” – or words to that effect. Of course he was talking about the evidence of a crashed flying saucer. I’m talking about the vast swathe of words I used to pollute the internet with.

After tinkering for a little while this morning, I remembered an online service called “If This Then That” – a Heath Robinson method off employing digital sticky tape and string to attach services together. I got as far as inventing a virtual contraption (that’s a good word, isn’t it) that would have sprayed my words across the internet not unlike the custard machine guns in Bugsy Malone.

One day, when internet archeologists are digging through the annals of cyberspace, they will eventually reach ground zero, and find a tangled mess of sticky tape, string, and hand-written notes on screwed up pieces of paper. There will be no indication that they have discovered the beginning of all things.

Anyway. I need a coffee. I find coffee solves most things.

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