Spamasaurus Rex

It would appear that switching old posts from draft to published in WordPress causes them to email notify again. I had no idea.

Apologies for filling your inbox with idiotic notifications, if it happened to you too.

3 thoughts on “Spamasaurus Rex

  1. Oh my god! So that’s what that was about! Your blog was one of the few blogs on my WordPress notifications. Notifications which show up on my lock screen. I kept getting so many notifications from you, Like,several notifications per minute, I couldn’t get into my phone. I couldn’t even turn my phone off luckily, I did find a way to get into my phone, but your millions of notifications took over my entire WordPress app. So I turned off all notifications about your blog. Wondering, either this guy had a total nervous breakdown, or his computer did. So I decided to Unfollow you until you or your computer can straighten out whatever issue is going on. Now that you explained your self, that it was the computer’s fault after all, I will give you a re-follow. Hopefully your computer won’t do that to you again, spamasaurus rex…

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    1. Yes – it was WordPress fault. There seem to be a few bugs in their systems at the moment. This evening it hasn’t been remembering my login while commenting (from the web version of people’s blogs) – I’ve had to repeatedly login.

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  2. Well, they seemed to come in while I was away. That I can delete as needed since I’ve read them all. lol. I’m pretty sure if I forayed into half your journeys my outcome would be much worse since I have no clue about backroom happenings!!

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