Avoiding the Mainstream

I’m one episode away from the end of Westworld Season 3. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with my evenings after completing it. It’s been one hell of a journey so far – and I’ll admit to checking if a season 4 is in the works (it is – phew).

I seem to be making a habit of watching shows that few others have. I suppose you might term them “cult successes”. Unfortunately they tend to get cancelled, no matter how brilliant they are.

Halt and Catch Fire catapulted a group of actors into the public conciousness – among them Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, and Mackenzie Davis. It lasted for four seasons, and told the story of the computer revolution – from nerds building the first IBM PC clones, through to the dawn of the world wide web.

The OA took us on a journey inside and outside of ourselves – contemplating what it really means to exist – if what we see, hear, feel, and touch is really all there is, or if there might be more. Brit Marling imagined the most unlikely of doorways, and took us through it. It lasted for two seasons before Netflix pulled the plug – breaking the fourth wall in the final episode.

Mr Robot took us inside the unstable mind of Elliot Alderson, played brilliantly by Rami Malek. A counter-culter hacker, drug addict, and schitzophrenic. The story didn’t so much as pull the rug out from under us, as set fire to it. We were forced to doubt everything we had seen, were seeing, and what might come. Remarkable writing and performances throughout.

Westworld has perhaps had the best writing, the best cast, and the most intelligent story arc. What might happen if you allow a non player character in a video game to access past memories? From those humble beginnings, we see combinatorial explosion wreak havoc over four seasons – with a fifth in the works. Each episode becomes an intricate movie, filled with misdirection, insight, intreague, and every emotion you might imagine. I don’t even know where to start with the cast – from Rachel Evan Wood’s towering performance as Dolores, to Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris, Tessa Thompson – I could go on and on.

So yes. Anyway.

I’m going to have to start looking for something new. Something interesting. Something different. I can’t abide “the mainstream”.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

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