It’s two minutes to midnight. I stopped work early this afternoon – I’ve been battling a cold I caught from the kids, and faced with writing a complicated document, decided to exercise some common sense. Of course this is me we’re talking about – so rather than down tools completely, I sat quietly on the sofa with my laptop, and started putting a quiz together for tomorrow night.

Since lockdown first happened, and latterly since the office was shuttered, I have been hosting quizzes on zoom for my co-workers every so often. We haven’t done one for a couple of months, so I volunteered myself once again. Hopefully the quiz will go down well, and we’ll get a good turn-out.

There’s is a huge temptation to stay up late tonight and watch the US presidential debate. I feel a little bit guilty – I’ll only be watching for entertainment value – to see what sort of circus results, and perhaps more importantly if Trump will have a tantrum about being muted. I feel sorry for a lot of the people I know in the US – that they have had to put up with the daily pantomime for so long.

Perhaps a coffee and a rubbish movie might be an idea while waiting for the debate.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

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One would hope that we Americans would tune in to the debate for the substantive issues presented at this critical juncture. Sigh. But one would be mistaken. We have learned to lower our expectations. At this point, we will watch in hopes of seeing a full tantrum when they employ the mute button. Indeed, there were many of us who would have preferred that they electrify the podiums, to deliver a resounding jolt to rule offenders. Apparently the Debate Commission has no sense of humor, nor entertainment.

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Well, as usual, he kept the fact-checkers on their toes. Apparently the threat of the mute button, made him behave better—which means that it actually IS within his control. That’s something that have never been very clear until now, and gives lots of food for thought.

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I can’t take another 4 years of this clown.

Your quizzes sound fun! We did a fun thing via zoom this week at my work. We had a scavenger hunt via Zoom.

There was some kind of onscreen timer they set up that we could all see and they gave us a list of items to find and everyone round around our houses for 15 minutes, gathering as many as we could, ending up hot & sweaty and our houses completely wrecked.
The most items anyone found was 17. The winner had to show us each one. “Here’s a can of food that is more than 22 ounces…here’s a food that expired in 2017…here’s a post card from another country…here’s art work with an animal…license plate with the letter K in it”

It was fun to see what crazy stuff our co-workers have in their houses.

We actually saw two peoples stuff because the first person THOUGHT she had 17 items but it turned out she misinterpreted one of the descriptions so that item was disqualified.


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