Junk Room Kingdom

The clock is ticking towards 1am, and I’ve just remembered about the blog. I suppose in some ways that reflects how much importance I find myself attaching to the blog these days. While it’s sad that I’m not very invested in it any more, I suppose I should spin the positives – life is happening – not that much life given the present circumstances, but at least a little.

The weather is slowly growing colder. We cooked roast dinner today for the first time in months – roast potatoes, chicken, broccolli, carrots, sweetcorn, and gravy. Warming comfort food.

I should go fall into bed. Back to work in the morning.

It feels strange, saying “back to work” – because I don’t actually go anywhere any more. The junk room has become my kingdom – surrounded by books, video games, and shelves festooned with all manner of brick-a-brack that nobody has touched for months, if not years. There is now a second desk in the junk room – slowly being prepared for use by my other half. She is working two days a week from home too now. She has set-up camp at the kitchen table for the last several weeks, but is slowly infiltrating my world.

I suppose at least while on conference calls, clients and co-workers will think I’m in a busy office, even if my surroundings remain intentionally blurry.

By Jonathan

Developer, Writer, Runner

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